The Dictator is dead !

11/20/2011 10:20

In mid-August the somewhat ill-organized rebel forces of the National Transition Council (NTC) finally, with considerable support from NATO, forced Gaddafi's regime out of the capital city Tripoli - the dictator's whereabouts were uncertain but his forces remained strong in the vicinity of Sirte and some regions to the far west and south. People across the world watched television coverage from CNN, Al-Jazeera, BBC etc. including Aug 21-22 the comical hours in which the NTC announced they had captured Saif Gaddafi (son #2) only to have him appear in a limo outside a hotel housing the foreign press, where he pronounced his father's government was still in control and that the apparent rebel victories were just part of a trap set by the great leader ! Then Saif disappeared into the night, free and on the loose for weeks to come.

As NTC forces continued to advance (with NATO air supremacy), surrounding the last urban bastion of Gaddafi power - his home town Sirte, on the coast - the noose was tightened for the Colonel. Following a month long seige with three major drives that had fallen short, finally on Oct 20 the rebels collapsed the defenses and a convoy was detected fleeing Sirte - this convoy was targeted by French jets and American drones, several vehicles were destroyed and other vehicles forced off the road while NTC ground troops rushed in, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was captured, and by most accounts briefly but severely tortured, then killed.