The Outbreak : crisis in Friuli

11/30/2012 20:40


In 2011 NATO forces used Italian airbases and ports, among others, to stage support for the Libyan rebels - once the Italian government was prodded into abrogating their Friendship Treaty with Gadaffi (Italy was the major trade partner of Libya before the 2011 revolution - even though a hundred years earlier the Italians had invaded them in a quest for empire).

After the unsuccessful attempt by NATO to secure the last of Gaddafi's WMD's (The Battle of Wadi al-Ubari) the Outbreak saga next moved to Friuli, an "autonomous region" at the northeastern tip of Italy (on the border with Austria and Slovenia).  

At the end of October NATO proudly declared Victory and the troops ended their mission that had started with a No-Fly Zone called for Arab League and codified in Security Council Resolution #1973. Diplomats and businessmen from many countries cautiously returned to Benghazi (bloodied home to the rebellion) and Tripoli (the ravaged capital), seeking to "normalize" the situation - the world oil markets were counting on a quick return to "normal".