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The Dreadnought Rules for Airsoft


Requirements - it's airsoft


(I mention that since I also do paintball games),



Airsoft is foremost a game of HONOR and FAIR PLAY.


Please call YOUR OWN hits!  


Sealing eye protection rated for airsoft, and we strongly recommend players age 12-16 use a full mask (paintball style). Recommend against "mesh only" eye protection since we like to fire biodegradable type bb's that may fragment through said mesh.

Proper footgear for strenuous outdoor activity (uneven terrain, cactus, snakes).
Water carried to the field (did we mention it will be hot?)
"Dead rag" - a red cloth at least 8" square, used to identify when one is out of play

Holster or Barrel cover for your airsoft gun, otherwise it's mags-out in the game control/parking area.

A watch, not just your cell-phone clock, time may be critical in this game.

Radios are recommended. Player-brief will coordinate channels. Do not interfere with the designated Referee channels.

Dreadnought Adventures recommends using biodegradable bb's and supports safe and reasonable weight/FPS limits - for outdoors game this is as follows ...

(chronographing requires each player produce an empty mag for the referee who will provide standard .20g ammo)  


1) most pistols will have the bare minimum 10 foot safety distance - but gas powered pistols or any pistol using heavier than .20g will have a 20 foot safety-distance


2) guns 350 FPS and under with .20g at chrono (i.e. most stock models) will have a safety-distance [minimum engagement distance] of 20 feet.

3) upgraded guns/assault rifles shooting a 
max 420 FPS with .20g at the chrono,

playing with .30g pellets at the heaviest, safety-distance of 30 feet.

4) sniper rifles (no automatic fire please) up to 550 FPS with .20g at the chrono, or any weapon playing with pellets over .30g (to .40g at the most)

safety-distance of 60 feet

(so bring a sidearm and use it for CQB).

5) grenade-launchers loaded with .12g have a safety-distance 20 feet, 
and with .20g need 30 feet minimum - we recommend using foam 'rockets' which we count as having a 15 foot lethal radius where they hit the ground.

6) cap-guns may be used at 10 feet or less; with a clear line-of-sight, two successful 'detonations' in rapid succession are required to score a hit (and that counts as "vitals").

7) NERF swords, etc. approved by the referees, may be used with caution, do not strike at a players head or neck. NERFs may hit "limb" or "vitals". (please no Rubber Knives, nothing too realistic)


(The gist of this is, if somebody pops up inside the safety range of your rifle you need to switch to a pistol, or maybe a cap gun, or draw that nerf tomahawk, or run away - we know that backing off can be difficult but these rules encourage players to come equipped with a variety of weapons and that's realistic isn't it ?  Consider for moving through thick brush having one guy in the squad keep his pistol ready in hand at all times, and scout carefully so you don't get caught at point-blank range.)

Don't make unnecessary head shots, NEVER shoot for the head under 30 feet.


Don't hose somebody with 10 shots when one, two or three will do the job.

Referees can remove players for excessive shooting.


NO blind firing. You must be able to see your target with your own eyes, down the barrel of your weapon, anything else is unsafe.


For general play one hit anywhere on the body, including all worn gear,

and a player is out - temporarily - if hit loudly announce so -

hit players should lower their guns, deploy their Dead Rag and sit,lay or crouch in place while calling for a Medic.

Medics have 3 minutes to reach a "wounded" player. Hit players should track their own time and announce to their team mates how much time they have left, colorfully, make some noise, play the part !

Do not shoot these "wounded" players, but beware, accidents may occur as Medics in attendance are fair game.

Basic Medics can "heal" only limb hits (as the game progresses Medics may gain the "skill" to heal "vitals"), this takes 30 seconds for the Medic with a hand on the Wounded player. Wounded players may be moved by non-Medics, when two other players each place a hand on the shoulders or arm of the Wounded - this threesome my move at a slow walk.

Wounded players can also be "Captured" by this method (two players to move a wounded opponent), generally the Wounded may not resist (except by cap gun, or grenade), Captives may be moved at a brisk walk.

Captives can be generally held for no more than 30 minutes, but Enemy Leaders may be held up to 60 minutes unless otherwise specified.

Players not "healed" in time will retain their Dead Rags on display, "safe" their weapons and move to a staging area expeditiously, this game will be "continuous" - return to play may occur in several ways appropriate to the circumstances of the game.
One method that may occur is "by squads" - when three or more players are assembled at a staging area they may reenter together, other methods may be specified in each event.

Special Role-players may be equipped with a bright green vest to indicate they are not covered by the standard rules in regards Hits - they will be immune to regular Hits - for example an armored cyborg, a vampire, or one Role-player representing an entire squad of security guards - or a medical relief team.

Staging areas will be marked with a boundary line, color-coded as to who can use it - the Red team, the Blue team or Green for neutral. Do not fire into or across a Staging area, shots fired across a Staging area do not count. If a player "dies" within 30 feet of a Staging area they cannot use that area to reenter the game, move to the next Staging area.






for the special Role-players

Prizes and 50-50 Raffle

Dreadnought Adventures and Tactical Airsoft are proud to provide Gift Certificate rewards for the following catagories -

People's choice awards for Outstanding Heroism, Outstanding Character-Kit, and Best Sportsmanship.


We will also have a 50-50 Raffle, $1 a ticket, winner takes half the pot.

What is "Outbreak" ?


Dreadnought's Outbreak series opened Saturday September 3 2011 with

 Exordium, Wadi-al-Ubari .


The civil war in Libya had drawn NATO into supporting the rebels. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, holding power for over 40 years, was hanging on despite the NATO air campaign. Anti-Gaddafi forces began receiving some direct aid on the ground from regional neighbors and several European nations - allowing the rebels have resumed advancing against Gaddafi's fanatical loyalists and vicious mercenaries. Knowing the end was near Gaddafi made a plan to strike back at his real enemies - the West.

The United States and international organizations thought they had disarmed Gaddafi of his Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction, but new intelligence indicated that not all the banned weapons were given up in 2004 and that the dictator was prepared to unleash them within and beyond Libya's borders.

A secret complex near Gaddifi's home town was identified, Wadi-al-Ubari concealed an underground lab brewing bio-chemical weapons. The surrounding area was thick with air defenses and NATO commandos  were forced to approach on foot with the aid of a CIA asset, a local smuggler. Through stiffling desert heat the NATO forces (team Killjoy) tracked a supply convoy on its way to the secret base and routed the Libyans they encountered while surveying the Wadi, gathering intel and mapping the hazmat-spills that were clues as to the type of weapons being developed at the terror-base. The mercenary defenders retreated a long distance before regrouping and they were never able to shake off NATO's hold on the battlespace. Despite their superiority on the surface NATO wasn't able to breach the underground lab ...




Are you a Rebel, or with the Government ?

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