Dreadnought Adventures is a for-hire Scenario airsoft,  paintball and LARP workshop, creating two hour, half-day and full day events - 

each with challenging Missions, role playing, special equipment and Props as an introduction to the exciting world of Scenario games.


Not tied to any one Field, Dreadnought works with what you have or where you're interested in playing - our games are tailored to the location, and size of your group.

Production services begin at $150. imagine having 24 friends in a four hour game with 20 missions to run against each other !

Lead NATO commandoes searching the Balkins for a crashed Iranian spy satellite or the King's Guards rescuing the Princess from the Troll's lair ! The Star Marines came to save the colonists, but now who will save the Marines ? Can the Aztecs turn back the Conquistadors, with a little help from time-traveling pranksters ? Adventures like these from Dreadnought could be yours !


Dreadnought Adventures provides the upgrades that make any day of airsoft, LARPING or paintball amazing, let us take your game to the next level !


Steve "Wolfsbane" Killgore


Stop by the Hometown Variety Shops, along Highway 69 in Prescott Valley, and visit Adam's new Tactical Airsoft store !

How I became Dreadnought Adventures -

In 1985 I had just started working for the FAA and my thrill-seeking fellow Controllers at Oakland Center were into skydiving and paintball, I chose to stay on the ground and immediately fell in love with paintball - it's been a passion ever since. Working at Hawthorne Flight Service in the 90's I drew many of my co-workers out onto the battlefield, our team was the Government Trained Assassins, our motto "One shot, one Kill ... more or less, Close Enough For Government Work" and we played locations aross California. Over time I became heavily involved playing Scenario paintball, I traveled with team mates and family gunslingers by my side to events in several states, great games from a half-dozen Producers including MXS, MPP, BlackCat and TAW - my thanks to all of them !