The Outbreak : crisis in Friuli

11/30/2012 20:40
  In 2011 NATO forces used Italian airbases and ports, among others, to stage support for the Libyan rebels - once the Italian government was prodded into abrogating their Friendship Treaty with Gadaffi (Italy was the major trade partner of Libya before the 2011 revolution - even...

The Dictator is dead !

11/20/2011 10:20
In mid-August the somewhat ill-organized rebel forces of the National Transition Council (NTC) finally, with considerable support from NATO, forced Gaddafi's regime out of the capital city Tripoli - the dictator's whereabouts were uncertain but his forces remained strong in the vicinity of...

News from Libya

08/17/2011 09:43
  ZAWIYAH, Libya (Reuters) - Life-long friends Abdul Ghani and Majdi often played soccer and billiards together as youngsters, went to the same law school and then joined the rebel movement fighting to topple Muammar Gaddafi. A sniper's bullet shattered their dream of opening up a law...